Francois DIY

The Francois DIY project is a flexible set of tools for developing 2D games as well as playing them. Written in JavaScript and runs on Electron. Runs as a desktop environment on Linux and windowed app on Windows.

Courses to Play - Can you win?


Graphics Editor


Map Editor


Code Editor - Do you know Francois DIY Script?


Francois DIY's Back Story

Francois DIY was started as a site for online game development through the browser. I began working on the project in my spare time in 2014. A graphics editor for sprites was first created, then a tile editor. The first build of the project could only run small JavaScript programmed arcade games. Basically, it sucked! I continued working on the project and eventually added an map editor. (level editor) This worked ok but was difficult to use and not very user friendly. Meanwhile, later, in 2015, I began work on the game engine itself. Never got it to work because I did not have good understanding on collision detection in platform games. Come 2016, sometimes around June, and after a complete rebuild of Francois DIY I figure out how to do collision detection properly. Apparently when I began programming ten years before I almost got it right but didn't know it! After getting the system to work and experimenting with some levels I rebuild it again and made the engine scriptable in another language of my invention call Francois DIY Script rather than being scriptable in JavaScript. All original level were destroyed in the process but now they are being rebuilt again! Currently Francois DIY has been ported from the web server to Electron so it can run as a native app, and finally, as an operating environment to a game console. Very cool!

Francois DIY Online Events

Learn how to use Francois DIY and download levels as well as submit your own. You can find me on Twitch at I do not stream on a regular basis but do look me up and message me for times. If I do stream I will post it on the message board.

Help and Support

Currently I'm offering help via a message board that is built into the app. This is good for answering questions as well as announcements. Another way to reach me is through Twitch. You can find me at Just message me.


This software is open source and provided "as is". You are free to copy this software anywhere you feel. Credit is given to the authors of the fonts and sounds provided with the project.

Who Am I?

My name is Francois Lamini. I work as both a professional and hobbyist programmer. I used to focus on a lot of different projects related to games as a hobbyist but not focus only on Francois DIY as all of my future projects will be consolidated here. As a professional I work on web sites. My development experience covers at least 15 years but professional covers only about 10. I consider myself a mid-level developer and not a senior-level because I do think there I a lot to learn out there but I am not a beginner either.

Languages and Technologies I use:

Build a Francois DIY Box

To build a Francois DIY game console you will need:

Steps to build:

  1. Assemble the PC unit. This will be your console.
  2. Boot from Linux Live CD or USB. (You may have an external CD drive.)
  3. Install Linux, create account "francois" and set automatic login to the account.
  4. Boot into desktop. You should not need to log in.
  5. Copy project from the Francois DIY CD to the desktop and name folder francoisdiy.
  6. Move into francoisdiy folder.
  7. Change permissions on to executable. Run
  8. Reboot your computer.
  9. Francois DIY is now running and should be the desktop. Pick a passcode and name.
  10. To turn off the control hit the red cancel button on the top right.